About us

SCHUBERT STONE - since 1973

As a family business in the natural stone and tile industry, we are always on the cutting edge with our products. With a focus on fine floors and walls for private and business projects, we have always expanded our range. With more than 2,000 varieties, our stone centre in Vienna is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions in Europe. Since stone products enjoy greater popularity, we started with our merchandise line in 2019, introducing an exclusive wine cooler made of original sandstone.


Stone and wine - makes your drinks taste fine.

A mobile solution is needed to maintain the enjoyment of cool drinks outside the refrigerator. There are countless solutions made of metal or stainless steel, which are modern, but not unique. That's why we launched the SCHUBERT STONE COOLER. A bottle cooler made of porous sandstone, which keeps your drinks cool in a damp state due to the evaporative cooling effect alone and impresses with its unmistakable design. Stone is a timeless product that harmonizes perfectly with the enjoyment of fine wine.